Sometimes we may face issues when backing up users. This may be caused due to the Syscloud app not being switched ON for the user, switching OFF the Cloud services which was being backed up, API errors, etc.,

If we are facing any issue in backing up a user, we will display an error notification icon(red triangle) for the user in the Backup> Archives & Restore page(also in Backup> Settings> Manage Users page). You can view these error prone users by clicking on the 'Notification' filter present in the page. 

When you click on the error notification icon, a pop-up will come up listing the errors we are facing for that user, and the checks you have to do to resolve it. You will have to take the appropriate action as shown in the pop-up. Once the issue is resolved, the error notification will disappear for the user and the backup will resume for that user. Note that sometimes this detection of this correction and backup resumption may take up to 24 hours.