When you create a new user, or activate/suspended a user, or create a new Group, or create a new OrgUnit in your Google/O365 admin console, you might want that change to be reflected immediately in the app. Ideally, these changes will be reflected in app within 24-36 hours. But if you want these changes to be reflected immediately, you must perform a on-demand sync.

You can perform an on-demand sync in the Backup> Settings> Manage Domains page. In this page, you can choose the cloud. You will see the list of the domains present in the cloud. For each of the domain, you will see the respective sync option. If you click on the sync option, you will have 3 options.

  1. Users Sync: Will sync the new users added, and also will sync in the user account status. 
  2. Groups Sync: Will sync in the new groups created.
  3. OrgUnit Sync: Will sync in the new OUs created.