Only the customers can add domains into their Syscloud account. We cannot add it since we do not have the credentials to their GSuite account.

Please find below the steps to add a domain into your Syscloud account.

1. Go to Setup> Manage Cloud Apps option.

2. Click on 'Add New Cloud App Account' button. You will be re-directed to the page where you can choose the cloud.

3. Under the Google Apps option, click on 'Add Additional Account' button. You can choose any of the other cloud options provided in the app. If you have already added a cloud account, you should click on 'Add Additional Account' button. If you are adding a new cloud domain, you must click on the 'Add *Cloud* Account'. Once you choose to add the new cloud domain, you will be re-directed to a page where you will be able to add additional domain into your Syscloud account.

4. Choose the type of domain(primary or secondary) you are adding, fill the textboxes with appropriate values and then click on 'Add Domain'. Note: that you must be only logged in as the admin of the domain which you are trying to add here. You must be logged out of all the other accounts in the browser window keeping the Syscloud app window intact.

Once you finish adding the domain successfully, the domain will be authenticated with the logged in Cloud Admin account and then you will see it listed in the Setup> Manage Cloud Apps page. 

If you face any while adding the domain, please check whether the account settings are as per required for the Syscloud app. Please refer this link.