We provide support for external domain users to use our Syscloud Encryption app when they are collaborating on a document from a user who is a Syscloud customer. Note that the external user can only decrypt a document, but cannot perform encryption on the document.

To enable the support of Syscloud Drive Encryption app for external users, first the Syscloud customer needs to switch ON the 'Email To Collaborators After Encryption' option in the app. It can be found in Tools> Google Drive Encryption page, under the 'Encryption Email Settings' section [refer pic1]. This ensures that a mail notification is sent to all the collaborators of the document when it is encrypted.

The following steps will guide the external user to use the Syscloud Encryption app. For this example, consider the Syscloud user as nick@alertme.com, and the external user as mike@gmail.com, and the Drive document as 'PrivateProject'.

1. nick@alertme.com & mike@gmail.com are collaborating on a Drive document called PrivateProject. nick@alertme.com is a Syscloud customer and the alertme.com Syscloud account has enabled 'Email To Collaborators After Encryption' option in their DLP/Compliance settings.

2. Now, nick@alertme.com decides to encrypt the PrivateProject document, and he encrypts it using a password. Once encrypted, the document changes to PrivateProject.syscloud. A mail notification will be sent to all the collaborators in the document [refer pic2].

3. mike@gmail.com will receive an email notification for the encryption of the PrivateProject document since he is one of the collaborators of the document. Now he cannot read the document unless it is decrypted. To decrypt it, he needs to install our Syscloud Drive Encryption app on his account. He can install it from the link provided in the email notification he received [refer pic2].

4. When the external user mike@gmail.com clicks on the installation link, he will be asked to grant access to the Syscloud Drive Encryption app [refer pic3]. After granting the necessary access, the app will be installed in his account. Once the installation is successful, a confirmation message will be displayed [refer pic4].

5. After installation of the Syscloud Drive Encryption app in his account, the external domain user mike@gmail.com will be able to decrypt the PrivateProject.syscloud document and work on it. Please refer this link for instructions on decryption.

Note: The notification mail will not be sent if the document was encrypted before being shared to the external domain user. For this to work, the document should be shared before being encrypted. If the document is already encrypted, you have to decrypt it, share it to the external user, and then encrypt it again.