First & foremost, the users should defer from using the source accounts and the destination account, once migration is kicked-off. It is the source account which we use for reference if any issues are reported.

If changes are being made in the source account while the migration is in on-going, it may lead to confusion as to validity of the data if an issue arises.

In case of emergencies, if you want to use the source account or the destination account, you should follow these instructions.

for Mail:

  • the user should not delete any mails.

  • the user should not delete or change the any label/folder names or its settings

  • the user should not tamper with any mail settings like language, mailbox, etc.,

for Calendar:

  • the user should not delete any calendar

  • the user should not delete any calendar events

  • the user should not edit events created pre-migration in any manner(change names, add invitees, change date, etc.,)

for Drive:

  • The user is not supposed to delete Drive folders & labels once the Drive migration is initiated.

  • The files & folders present pre-migration should not be deleted or renamed. They should also not change the sharing settings.

  • If the source domain is being used, we cannot guarantee that the updated copy of the file will be migrated. Because, the user might be editing a file that mat have already been migrated to the destination.

  • To avoid this confusion, it is advisable to not to use the Drive till the Drive migration completes.

for Sites:

the user should not edit or delete the sites, change sharing permissions, etc.,

for Contacts:

the user should not edit or delete contacts