A. Install the Syscloud migration application on the source domain.

STEP 1: Login into the Super Admin Google account at the source domain with your admin credentials.

STEP 2: Go to G Suite Marketplace.

STEP 3: Install Syscloud GSuite Domain Migration app.

STEP 4:  Click on ‘Continue’

STEP 5: Tick the checkbox and make sure the permissions are ‘TURNED ON for’ the whole source

 domain (for example, domainmigration.info). Then, click on 'Accept'

STEP 6:  A pop-up window will open having 3 pages. Click on ‘Continue’ TWICE and come to the third page. You can switch OFF notification for users.

STEP 7: in the last[3rd] page, you should click on ‘Done/Finish’

B. The following things needs to be checked in the Google Admin Panel of the domain, for which the customer intends to get a Migration Scan Report.

Step 1: Enabling API access in the domain. 

This can be enabled at Admin Console> Security> API Reference.

Step 2: Check the GMail App settings. 

This can be checked in Apps> G Suite> GMail> Advanced settings> End User Access. The “Disable POP and IMAP access for all users” should be unchecked.

Step 3: Check for all the necessary services

Make sure all the necessary services (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Sites and Drive) which you intend to migrate and get a scan for are switched ON for the users in the domain.

Step 4: Make sure the Syscloud Domain Migration App is installed correctly on the domain and all the necessary permissions have been granted to it. 

The app should be ‘Switched ON for everyone’. You can check this in Admin Console> Apps> Marketplace Apps