Syscloud application cannot work when there is access restriction from Google on retrieving the account data. Please find the checklist below to resolve the access error issue.

1. In your Syscloud account, in the Backup> Settings> Backup Settings page, in the 'Admin Email Address' section, make sure the user given is a Super Admin in your GSuite console.

2. The Syscloud Backup & Security app installed in your GSuite console should have all access tokens granted. If it is not the case, then please grant the required access to our app.

  • Log into Google Apps admin console
  • Click on the Apps Menu in the console

  • Choose the “Market Place Apps” from the Apps Menu Page.

  • Click the “SysCloud Security & Backup” to view the details. Note that the app should be 'ON for everyone' for optimal performance.

  • If not, click the “Grant data access” allow SysCloud to use all the required scopes.

  • Now “Approval Needed” text will be changed to “Granted”.

3. The API access should be enabled in the GSuite Admin Console. This can be enabled at Admin Console> Security> API Reference. Without API access our app cannot work because all data scanning/retrieval is done via Google APIs